What are Guardian Angels?

They are God’s messengers and helpers and are sent to assist us in any aspect of our lives. They bring thoughts of love, peace and joy and can help us heal our relationships, career concerns and finances. Your Guardian Angels are only assigned to you; their job is to just assist you, no one else. Think about it, you have at least two “best friends” right beside you ready to help you in any way, shape or form with only love as their motivation.

To ask your Guardian Angels for assistance, follow these simple steps:

  1. ASK – Just ask for what you need and thank them in advance for the solution. Please remember that you MUST ask. Your Angels will never interfere with your free will – the only exception is if you are in a life/death situation that will end your life before your desired time. Ask them to carry “your packages”, they will gladly help!
  2. SURRENDER THE PROBLEM – Hand it over and let your Angels handle it. Hand it over means really emotionally releasing the problem to them. Once you hand it over, do not think, worry or doubt that the problem will not be resolved.
  3. TRUST – The hardest thing for us humans to do, but a vital step to receiving the solution to your problem. Your Guardian Angels ALWAYS have your best interests at heart. They have a resolution to your situation that is better than you could ever desire or dream of. Please do not give a script to your Angels on how you want the answer to appear in your life. Let them surprise you with their Divine solutions.
  4. FOLLOW DIVINE DIRECTION – You may be given some human steps to resolve the situation. These directives will come through a dream, a vision or an intuitive/gut feeling. Your Angels may ask you to go to a particular place or call a certain person or even work on doing some emotional healing work. It is important to remember that any Angelic guidance always comes from the ultimate Divine source and is filled with love and support. A good rule to go by is if it doesn’t feel good, then don’t do it.

A great way to test the communication with your Angels is to ask for something small. Remember you are testing the communication with your Angels, not your Angels! For example, something small would be a parking space or a shopping cart when you decide to buy more than that one item you ran in for!

What are Archangels?

Archangels oversee the work of all Angels and are considered to be closest to God. There are hundreds of Archangels and each is assigned specific responsibilities. The energy of any Archangel is very powerful and when we invoke their assistance in our lives, they will definitely MOTIVATE us to take action. It will be a very strong and direct answer and the change can sometimes appear very swiftly in our lives. This may feel a bit uncomfortable at first but rest assured your best interests are their only desire.

Archangels are omnipresent, meaning they can be with many different people at the same time. Each person will experience an Archangel differently because of the work of that particular Archangel and how it relates to the situation of the person that is doing the asking. The Archangels will work with your Guardian Angels to invoke miracles and wonderful solutions to any and all problems in your life.