Oct 22

A Simple Solution

We exist in pure moments of natural occurring sequences that bring us to a predetermined conclusion.  Our life, on some level, has been mapped out already.  We, however, navigate this journey towards these outcomes any way we choose through free will. Recognizing this at a conscious level helps in better understanding the why of life.  To be truly present in each instant assists us in appreciating our authentic power.  This means not thinking about our past or worrying over the future. Power is a wonderful gift that gives us permission to have fun and express our self fully at each juncture which brings us closer to the joy of life.

Joy is freedom and laughter helps us experience it.  Remember laughter? It is the simplest of solutions. Try to connect to that energy right now, take a few minutes and FEEL how amazing it is.  No fear, doubt or worry, an absolute state of being.  This is where our dreams literally come true, the environment of possibility.  Our energy is open and the universe stands ready to receive wishes and requests.

Our Angels laugh with us and send encouragement to remember this truth with any difficult life situation.  We are reassured in the knowing that this too shall pass and new moments are on the way. They remind us as well, anytime we focus joyful energy, we not only change our life for the better but cause a ripple effect that is felt globally.

Created by Marybeth Murphy.  Copyrighted 2014.  All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Linda Sklenka

    I just wanted you to know that I “met” you through your videos on Christopher Witecki’s Sensei Service. I’ve been following him for 7 years. What a sweetheart, right?
    I’ve followed your direction and meditated to speak to my guardian angel. She told me that she is Muriel. I’d never heard of Archangel Muriel and wow she’s a pretty big deal. Could I have been mistaken? Could an Archangel be a guardian angel?
    I followed your advice and asked her to help me with 3 little things and each was given to me over the course of about a week and a half.
    Well, yesterday I really needed help with something BIG in my life. It was like a showdown at the OK corral! I did not get what I asked for on the pivotal point but I was gifted with communicating exactly what I wanted in this situation with grace and boldness. I was crestfallen but after I vented to my best friend, I suddenly felt calm and I have realized that I am getting what I want if I can trust the process and step back a bit. It’s not easy and I’m still disappointed but I know that it’s OK. I just have to wait for the dust to settle at the corral.
    I look forward to telling you how my angels have made my outside life match my hearts desire inside while offering the opportunities to help others and fulfill my life purpose. They haven’t taken me this for to let go of me now.
    Thank You very very much.

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