Oct 07

The Ethereal Plane

Time moves fast, it is a challenge to keep up with it all.  Our ‘to do’ lists are longer and longer; running to meetings, rushing to work, achieving deadlines, keeping appointments. With all the have-to’s controlling our lives, having a perspective on what ‘it’ all means can be difficult.

The concept of measuring time is a human device used to evaluate the accomplishment of goals, dreams and even destinations.  We, however, can lose our perspective when it comes to the earthly understanding of time. We push and rush against a piece of machinery that calibrates an illusion.  In stopping, we realize there is plenty of time for all that we desire since all exists in Divine Order.  Our power is in the present moment.  Every minute is potential and the point of creation. When we leave this earth and cross over, time no longer exists. We are timeless, our soul (subconscious) does not know time only our mortal (conscious) mind does.

In an effort to understand how controlling time is, try this exercise:  Choose a non-work day, possibly a week-end and plan to move through the entire day without looking at a clock or any instrument that measures time. The night before cover all time pieces, close the time icon on the phone and turn off the alarm.  Don’t panic, it will only be for one day.  Attempt to move throughout the day in a complete void of any scheduling or form of time constraints. Make it a normal day; accomplish errands, to-do lists, hobbies, whatever is needed. The only major difference is it will be in the absence of time. This frees up the conscious mind of ‘the what is coming next’ syndrome and shifts our focus into a calm subconsciousness state of being.  Managing any task in freedom and joy aids in achieving more.  When at peace we live in true creation and hear our intuition guiding us to natural completion.

Try it a few times, feel what happens and as always, enjoy the journey!


Created by Marybeth Murphy.  Copyrighted 2014.  All rights reserved.

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